Should I be concerned about the privacy of my personal details I have shared with ekmatra.com?

Do not worry! We are absolutely committed to safeguarding your personal information. The personal information collected is done to enable us to send you the products you have ordered and to validate your identity, as well as to provide us with a way to get in touch with you if the need should arise.

Are there any registration charges for creating an account on ekmatra.com?

No, there are no registration charges applicable for creating an account with us. It is absolutely free of cost.

Do I have to register to shop at ekmatra.com?

You are not required to register yourself to shop on ekmatra. You can login as guest and can have seamless shopping experience. However, Creating an account on ekmatra.com is beneficial in many ways. You will have access to:

  • My Orders – Quickly and easily manage your orders such as View Details, Track etc.
  • My Info – One time creation of all your personal info
  • My Address – You can set billing and shipping address
  • You will also be eligible to receive ongoing discounts and offers.
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